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"Contribe has been a game-changer for us. By integrating responsibility into our business model, we're making a positive impact on the environment while also strengthening our brand and relationships with customers.”

Mads Koch Petersen

Founder, Messyweekend

“For us, it is crucial to give back. Contribe's solution allows us to integrate responsibility directly into our business model, benefiting not only charitable organizations but also strengthening our brand and relationship with our customers."

Liva Vennerstrøm

Head of Brand Communications, IGEN

Gai + Lisva
"The ease of implementation and the positive impact on our brand and customer loyalty have been remarkable. Working with Contribe has empowered us to embed good impact deeply into our brand ethos."

Bettina Aagaard Jensen

Position, Gai + Lisva

"While we've made donations to different causes in the past, it was never as systematic and purposeful as it is now with Contribe. Contribe not only streamlines our giving process but also connects it directly with our customers who purchase from our webshop."

Christoffer Bo Larsen

CEO, Tuttelu

“Contribe has opened up a new avenue and positive side of Gamma as a business that we previously did not have the possibility to pursue. The collaboration has been very easy and smooth, implementation was fast and seamless - couldn't ask for any more than that.”

Jakob Nørby Houmøller

CEO, Gamma

Sinatur Hotel
"Sustainability is the core of Sinatur Hotel & Conferences. Therefore, we are pleased to collaborate with Contribe, who has made it easy for us and our guests to support and donate to important causes for the benefit of our nature – and the day tomorrow.”

Mille S. Olsson

Salgs- & Marketingchef, Sinatur hotel

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