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Loyalty built for today's consumer

Build your brand, acquire more customers, and boost revenue by adding social and environmental pledges to any of your products or services.

Impact Plugin

Offer social and environmental pledges to give your customers the ultimate shopping experience, and keep them coming back for more.

Customer Analytics

Get real-time insights and turn impact- conscious shoppers into loyal customers.

Impact Tracking

See the positive impact you and your customers are creating  and ensure you comply with regulations.

Impact Campaigns

Optimize your campaigns to  meet your marketing goals and drive profitable growth through good impact.

Trusted by market leaders

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“Contribe has been a game-changer for us. By integrating responsibility into our business model, we're making a positive impact on the environment while also strengthening our brand and relationships with customers.”

Mads Koch Petersen, Founder

Increase in impact optimization

Fashion & Apparel

Fashion & Apparel

Gai + Lisva

"The ease of implementation and the positive impact on our brand and customer loyalty have been remarkable. Working with Contribe has empowered us to embed good impact deeply into our brand ethos."

Bettina Aagaard Jensen, Founder

increase in conversion rate
increase in retention




"While we've made donations to different causes in the past, it was never as systematic and purposeful as it is now with Contribe. Contribe not only streamlines our giving process but also connects it directly with our customers who purchase from our webshop."

Christoffer Bo Larsen, CEO

increase in order value
increase in conversion rate




“For us, it is crucial to give back. Contribe's solution allows us to integrate responsibility directly into our business model, benefiting not only charitable organizations but also strengthening our brand and relationship with our customers."

Liva Vennerstrøm, Head of Brand Communications

increase in AOV
increase in retention

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages


“Contribe has opened up a new avenue and positive side of Gamma as a business that we previously did not have the possibility to pursue. The collaboration has been very easy and smooth, implementation was fast and seamless - couldn't ask for any more than that.”

Jakob Nørby Houmøller, CEO

increase in conversion rate
increase in AOV

Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

Sinatur Hotel

"Sustainability is the core of Sinatur Hotel & Conferences. Therefore, we are pleased to collaborate with Contribe, who has made it easy for us and our guests to support and donate to important causes for the benefit of our nature – and the day tomorrow.”

Mille S. Olsson, Sales & Marketing Director

increase in customer impact engagement

Impact your customers understand

Customers increasingly care about brand’s social and environmental impact, but it's hard for them to know if you are truly making a difference or just pretending. With Contribe, you can show your customers the real impact you're making, in a way that they'll understand and appreciate.

Good business. Good impact.

We make sure that your actions match your words, so that you stay true to your commitments and avoid any issues. You’re in safe hands while making the world better.


Online stores

Using Contribe across their online business.


Revenue Generated

Increased conversion, AOV and retention.


Happy Shoppers

Using Contribe when making purchases.


On-brand NGOs

Trusted impact projects from all over the globe.

Impact ultra-tailored to your brand

No matter location or industry, we always have a trusted NGO or impact project that fits your business and audience.
All impact projects have been thoroughly vetted by our in-house impact experts.

Real impact for real people

Support social causes that work towards the wellbeing of real people around the world, so that everyone gets a chance for a good life.

  • Education
  • Mental Health
  • Woman Empowerment
  • Healthcare
woman luaging in chair - impact

Real impact for the planet

Support environmental causes that protect and conserve our planet. Fight the effects of climate change to our home, and all living things.

  • Climate Change & Carbon Capture
  • Nature Protection & Reservation
  • Ocean Plastic
  • Animal Welfare

Real impact for real justice

Support human rights causes that ensure people are treated fairly, and have access to the rights they deserve, ensuring justice for individuals in all circumstances and conditions.

  • Clean Drinking Water
  • Gender Equality
  • Children’s Rights
  • Hunger Prevention

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3...

From signing up to standing out with your impact, our intuitive platform makes it effortless to get started with Contribe.

Step 1

Talk to an impact expert

Don’t drown in the sustainability ocean. Let one of our impact experts guide you through Contribe for your brand.

Step 2

Choose your impact solution

Explore and choose the Impact Projects tailored to your business and let Contribe take care of the rest.

Step 3

Start growing through impact

Once you’ve found the right impact solution, Contribe provides a complete onboarding and set up on your store.

Integrations to all your needs

+100 integrations

from Shopify to Klaviyo, Contribe seamlessly integrates with all major e-commerce platforms.


E-commerce platform with powerful tools for managing and growing your online store.


Flexible, open-source e-commerce solution for WordPress, enabling advanced store customization.


Email marketing automation tool with support for advanced segmentation, campaigns, and automation.


Marketing automation platform designed for building personalized customer experiences.


Workflow automation tool that connects your favorite apps and services to streamline tasks.


Comprehensive CRM solution for managing sales, service, and marketing efforts effectively.

Active Campaign

Integrated email marketing, automation, and CRM platform for creating targeted customer journeys.


Centralized platform for direct-to-consumer sales, optimizing global e-commerce operations.

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